There has been coverage of cochlear implants for many years; it’s a polarising issue & my stance has been one of disquiet at the idea combined with a belief in freedom of choice – typically woolly liberal, I guess. But a friend recently posted some information about people who had implants some years ago who now regret it; at the same time I have two friends happy with theirs. Personally I would never have one – except if I lost my sight as that seems to me a reasonable thing to do to acquire at least some sensory input. But for those unhappy with the idea and expressing my own views about 12 years ago, on seeing the CI operation, here is my poem:

the reticulate chain link is inserted into the bloodied channel uncovered by the scalpel                           that carved a vicious gouge out of the delicately made skIn behind her ear

eyes sealed with tape, unknowing the assault or the outcomes on waking, save what she’s been told: you’ll be able to hear the birds, dear and cross the road more safely and maybe you’ll even be able to TALK PROPERLY.

well here we are, let’s pop this in CAN YOU HEAR ME SWEETIE? let me adjust it, there we are, that’s better isn’t it? NO? A buzzing noise? It hurts? WELL YOU DO NEED TO ADJUST OF COURSE. COME BACK IN A FEW MONTHS TIME ABD WE’LL CHECK IT AGAIN, all right dear?

she leaves, to grow her hair long to cover the scar and avoid the netball court and pop concert scuffles and wonder who she really is and what they meant when they told her YOU WILL BE ONE OF US NOW

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